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This Finnish group was formed in the city of Turku in the year of 2006. As a team they head towards the realms of heavy riffed progressive space rock directions, catching along musical ideas from diverse array of psychedelic vintage influences to their unique and interesting personal sound. The melodic saxophone and rhythm sector counterbalance this cosmic sound with more classical jazz presence.

Music consists from both predefined structures and more open sequences for interactive improvisation, distributing much musical information and several emotional elements in a professionally balanced and well-matured form. The band gave their first live concert in the fall of 2006, and was an active performance giver at the local clubs, events and festivals. They have also visited in Baltic countries and Russia.

In 2009 the debut album Parapsykosis was released, followed by Cyclokosmia in 2011. The latest album Psykhixplosion was released at the spring of 2016 and the band has been inactive since.


Bolw of Soup


Orbitary Volcano